Top 5 Luxury Hotel Accommodations for a Madrid Weekend

This is what you will conjure up when the word ‘Madrid’ falls on your tymphanum (ahem… ears!). The city is an absolute marvel and just perfect for weekend stay. You can visit the main attractions of the city and enjoy the Spanish finesse within 72 hours, without having to extend your stay or be disappointed for having nothing to see.

The city has no beach of its own. However, who cares! There is a beach right 2.5 hours across the city in Valencia. To enjoy all of these, you just need to have a luxury apartment or hotel room. It is your holiday to get ready to be pampered in 5 star luxury!

Some of the best hotels in Madrid are:


Located in the shopping district of the city, Hesperia is a legend. The designs of the rooms are contemporary and suite every guest. There are two luxury bars, a international newspaper boutique and even a business center. Be it a business weekend in Madrid or a relaxing break, Hesperia caters for all.

Hotel Ritz

What more should you say after you have uttered ‘Ritz’? This hotel has a long, long history and it recently completed 100 years of its existence on the Madrid soil. It is located in the cultural heart of the city and is at a very convenient location for the reach of the ones preferring jet set life.

Gran Melia Fenix

The hotel is located at a stone’s throw distance from every famous sight as possible. The hotel is located just 11 miles from the airport. The hotel has lovely rooms and relaxing spas. After a day of fun, relax with the complimentary spa treatment.

Hotel Orfila

Probably one of the nearest hotels is the Orfila, which is just 9 miles from the airport. A recent addition to the hotel skyline of Madrid, the Orfila is already creating buzz with its hi-fi clientele, 30 odd rooms and suites.

Hotel Adler

Adler resonates of shopping and fashion, combined with high -end luxury. The mood is classic contemporary with the much- required relief in monotony with modern facilities. Walking distance from all the shopping and fun, this is must stay hotel in Madrid.

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Budget Hotels – Accommodating You for Less!

A change in the weather conditions around the world might spur the advent of tourists into UK over the next 20 years. This research has actually made all the hotel owners in UK optimistic about the situation that is expected to arise as a result of continental summers becoming unbearable in the near future.

All the European tourists who are expected to flock UK will need budget accommodation to stay and that’s where UK scores over the rest of Europe. From expensive five star hotels to budget hotels and guest houses, accommodation is available cheap and in plenty. A plethora of accommodation options greet you as you set your foot in the kingdom, you just need to keep your eyes open and choose the one that suits you best.

Gone are the days when any new tourist to any city in UK would sift through a couple of hotels and settle down for any that offered him a ‘decent’ enough deal. Today, no tourist would be satisfied with anything less than the ‘best’ deal. This is where internet comes in. All the best deals for cheap hotels in UK are available by a mere click of a mouse. The research is conducted well before the actual journey begins. The deal is struck and rooms booked even before you have started to pack your suitcases.

The comfort that such an arrangement provides to tourists has also played its part in making the hospitality industry as competitive in UK as it is today. Hotel owners know that the prospective guests can no longer be fooled or kept in the dark as they have access to an entire database of best online hotel deals. Hence, the prices are accordingly set and deals accordingly finalised to attract more guests and outdo their competitors.

All the hustle bustle, upsurge and competition in the hotel industry is all to the benefit of the customer. They are not just getting the best hotels in UK at cheap prices, but are also saving themselves a lot of trouble, as well as accommodation costs.

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Norfolk Venue Finding Agency And Hotel Accommodation

When planning a business function for your most important employees and clients, many considerations must come into play. Almost assuredly, business trip planners will be looking to do the best with a budget, provide a great time for all the people there, and make life as simple as possible for clients and employees alike. This is why many businesses choose to use a venue finding agency and hotel accommodation search service. This type of service can help turn an average conference or function into one of the best business trips of the year.

The best company planners know that a lot of things go into making a great trip or conference. For example, a venue finding agency and hotel accommodation service might decide that Norfolk venue is one of the best places to hold a conference because of its location. Location is one of the primary considerations when choosing your given venue for a business conference. It shouldn’t be too far from your business office, so you can effectively get your employees and clients to the function. There must be a delicate balance, however. The most experienced venue finding agency and hotel accommodation agency would know that it is important to get away a little bit in order to create a vacation-like feel for the event.

Location isn’t the only consideration worth taking into account, though. The most experienced planners might choose Hampshire venue, because there is much to do in this type of location. Though business conferences are primarily about business and getting work done, that isn’t going to consume 100% of the time that your clients and employees are there. When they get finished with work and meetings, they might want to take the time to play a round of golf or have a nice meal. Depending upon what type of business you have, there might be some people in the company that would like to check out the town’s nightlife. Having a good balance of things to do is important if you want to keep clients and employees happy during the conference.

Many companies will choose to use a venue finding agency and hotel accommodation expert, because they want to find the resort that offers the most comfort and convenience. A business meeting or conference is an important time for any corporation. There are undoubtedly some very important things to go over in meetings, so there must be ample meeting space for the entire employee and client base. Size isn’t the only thing to keep in mind, though. One must think about the staff and reputation of the hotel or resort. Are the people kind and do they take great care of business people while they’re in town? Do they enjoy making life easier for everyone in your business? These are questions to consider before choosing a resort to hold a conference.

A great conference is one that isn’t difficult to get to. This should also be considered when choosing the perfect location for a business conference. If it is at all possible, choose a location that is within driving distance of your company’s headquarters. This way, your people can get to the conference without a whole lot of cost, and they don’t have to worry about the headache of heading to the airport. This will also help improve the overall flow of the business conference, as people don’t have to worry about missed flights, delayed flights, or the inevitable lost bag of luggage. These things are extremely important to keep in mind if you plan on hosting a great conference.

There are many things that go into planning a business conference. It doesn’t matter if the business is huge or small; considerations have to be taken into account to make sure that each member of the business party has a fun and productive time. Since there are so many things to know and consider, most companies will consider using a venue finding agency and hotel accommodation expert. These people have been around the block and know everything there is to know about the various resorts throughout the area. They also know what to say to get the best rates available and make the conference a profitable one.

Price, location, outside entertainment, and comfort are all things to keep in mind before choosing a venue. There are lots of suitable business conference locations out there that have to be discovered. If your company’s needs are kept in mind when the planning is done, then everything will be good when the conference comes around. People will be ready to get a lot of work done, and when the work is done, they will have many options for things to do. If everyone is happy in a business, then more work gets done. The bottom line demands that a great conference be planned.

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Best Value Hotel Accommodation District in London

If you’re travelling to London on a budget, where do you start to look for good value hotel accommodation. Which districts are unsafe or best avoided? How much should I be paying?

I would suggest if you are looking for the best value in London you use as your benchmark the area just north of Hyde Park. This area is a strip about one kilometre long and half a kilometre wide that borders Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, Central London’s biggest park. The local sub-districts within this area are called Paddington, Lancaster Gate and Bayswater. On Priceline this area is Bayswater / Notting Hill.

There are 4 underground stations in the area, you are never more than 700m from London’s favorite way of getting around the city. There is also a dense network of local buses that provide a 24 hour service. During the day it’s only a 10 minute ride to Oxford Street, about 20 minutes to Piccadilly or Trafalgar Square.

Paddington Station is one of London’s major railways stations, apart from serving much of the west of England and South Wales it is the terminus for the Heathrow Express train to London’s Heathrow Airport. Immediately around the station are about 30 budget hotels, mostly relatively small and independently owned. The only really upmarket hotel is the Hilton in the station complex itself. Many people flying into Heathrow find it convenient to use one of these hotels as Paddington is so central. There is a left luggage office at Paddington Station too which stores luggage or you can send things home if you need to.

Paddington Station is a bustling place with activity from very early to very late, many of the shops and services are in cramped streets and are nearly all small and family owned, apart from the fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King.

About 5 minutes walk south from Paddington Station is Lancaster Gate, adjoining Hyde Park. The streets here are much wider, tree lined avenue affairs, very pleasant. Bordering the park and Lancaster Gate itself are a number of larger, more upmarket hotels, many of which are owned by chains.

Lastly west of both Lancaster Gate and Paddington is Bayswater, for the budget traveller, perhaps the place to start looking for your accommodation. The centre of Bayswater is Queensway, a classic High Street with two underground stations, an ice rink and a shopping centre. Along Queensway you will find probably the best choice of places to eat in London with just about every cuisine and price covered. There are also a good choice of things the budget traveller finds convenient, launderettes, convenience stores, supermarkets open until very late, pharmacies and 24 hour public transport.

In the streets around Bayswater resides about every grade of Hotel. Whilst there is a Hilton, a Ramada and a few other large 4 star hotels there is a definite bias towards budget accommodation. Apart from several hostels offering dormitory accommodation there are many so called ‘bed and breakfast’ hotels. These are not comfortable homestay accommodations with attentive hosts, but very simple hotels staffed in the main by cheap immigrant labour. There is a great variation in quality for about $US 50-80 for a double room with breakfast, ranging from the almost unacceptable to very pleasant. The cheapest rooms are not ensuite.

Perhaps the best value hotels are the deeply discounted 3 star hotels. Many of these are self proclaimed 3 star hotels. This term generally means all rooms are ensuite, there are lifts to rooms, a 24 hour front desk and probably a bar and often a restaurant. Room rates at these are highly volatile and rates tend to be higher at weekends. A good deal is a double room from about $US 80-120, often but not always with breakfast.

If you are using Priceline this is not a good area to bid on hotels below 4 stars. The volatility in the quality standards is such that you’ll probably be allocated a cheap dud. At 4 star level, like so much of the London bidding districts, if you get a good low successful bid there is a good chance it’ll be one of the Thistle chain. If you read reviews of customers to Thistle Hotels, there is a constant theme of very large, grand old hotels not being effectively maintained with a comment like ‘It was acceptable given that I only paid $US100, but if I’d paid the full amount I’d be very angry’

A good starting point for your research on the Bayswater and Paddington area is the web site, the London Hotel Toolkit. This has an accurate hotel map, pictures of the district, full transfer information from airport and rail stations in addition to online discounted room rates. Critically you’ll have access to reviews on each hotel so you can work out the ones to avoid.

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